The Gallant Boys Of Tipperary jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Gallant Boys Of Tipperary
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A[dD][dD] BAF|Ade fdB|A2A BAF|AFD E2B|
A3 BAF|Ade fdB|A2A AFE|FDA d2B:|
ABd eff|ede fdB|AB/d/e f2d|edB BAF|
ABd eff|ede fdA|B2d AFD|EDA d2B|
ABd fed|ede fdB|ABd f2d|edB BAF|
ABd eff|e2e fdA|BAd AFD|EDA d2B||

One comment

The Gallant Boys Of Tipperary

This tune is NOT the eponymous one that appears 2 times on this site as a slide (#2025 & 4029).
It’s what Liam Kelly plays on his FB page on the the John McKenna’s Festival occasion which could unfortunately not happen because of the covid19.
This tune is identified as “The Gallant Boys of Tipperary” on John McKenna’s “The Buck from the mountain”, and followed by Three Littles Drummers.
The liner notes tell that the first part, obviously, is the same as The Wandering Minstrel, two other tunes in O’Neill DMI sharing the same melody too, i.e. Willy Walsh (DMI 88), Merry Maiden (DMI 267) (
As for the second part, it is a (very) close relative of the 4th, and last, part of Lark in the Morning
Concerning my transcription, Liam plays the d’s in the first bar at the upper octave, and at the lower after the repeat.