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One setting

X: 1
T: The Field Of Oats
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
(BA)|GEEF G2(EF)|G2(FG) AcBA|GEEF G2(ef)|gfed B2BA|
GEEF G2(EF)|G2(FG) AcBA|GFEF GABa|gefd e2ef||
g2bg f2af|e2fe Bdef|gabg fgaf|gfed e2(ef)|
g2bg f2af|e2fe Bdef|gabg f2af|gfed edBA||

One comment

The Field Of Oats

Tune number 742 in The Dance Music of Ireland (1907) by Francis O’Neill.

This is the tune exactly as it is written in O’Neill’s. I found it interesting to see the use of the segno, where It is explained that when the second round of the tune is given, the anacrusis that is written at the beginning of the tune it is not to be taken into account.

The only recording of this tune I can find is the one made by Kyle Borley. He is doing a great job playing O’Neill’s tunes and uploading all the videos in YouTube. He has the project of playing them all, a long process that is going to take a few years.

He says he is doing his own arrangements to the tunes and they very much depend on the instrument he plays each time (he plays flute, banjo and tin whistle).

I didn’t find this tune in this website, if it’s duplicated please let me know and I will add this ABC as one more setting.

This is the video where Kyle plays the tune: