Prunty’s Two Step reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Prunty's Two Step
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d2d2 BG (3Bcd|BGBd cAFA|d2d2 BG (3Bcd|cAFA G4:|
|:B2 BAGE E2|c2 cBAG F2|d2d2 BG (3Bcd|cAFA G4:|

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Prunty’s Two Step

I learned this at the O’Flaherty’s Virtual Irish Music Retreat from Harry Brandley. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I added it here. Harry said it came from a flute player named Gaetan Prunty (sp?) from County Armagh. It’s a simple, snappy little tune.

Re: Prunty’s Two Step

I believe the fellow’s name is Aiden Prunty. Not a lot of info online but I found his obituary that says "He was best known as a talented whistle player and flautist but was also a member of a number of marching bands."

Re: Prunty’s Two Step

Thanks for the additional information Kenny, you are an international treasure.

Re: Prunty’s Two Step

I learned this tune from Breandan O’Hare, flute player from Belfast.
I suppose that Harry got tune from Breandan because Breandan is older than Harry and Harry learnt lot of tunes from Breandan ( at least in the past…).
Breandan also mentioned that tune comes from Denmark.
Desi Wilkinson recorded this tune on his album Shady woods. He also didn’t have name for it, so he called whole set as Marc Perrone’s, because he learnt both tunes from him. Marc Perrone is french player.
Great that I have finaly name for this tune. Before I called it Breandan O’Hare barndance ….

Re: Prunty’s Two Step

Hi Marin - aye, I learned it from Desi and "Ptarmigan", who picked it up together in Brittany, I think it was. I may still have a recording of them playing it on a tape somewhere, when I got them booked at Aberdeen Folk Club, circa 1980. I subsequently came across a piper’s version with 4 parts, [ see above ], recorded by Iain MacDonald I think on an LP by George Jackson and Mairi MacInnes, or possibly Billy Ross and Billy Jackson. Can’t remember which, but there was a strong "Ossian" connection, anyway.
The North of England singer/songwriter/whistle player Vin Garbutt recorded it at one time too, so despite the undoubted Danish origins, it’s travelled about a fair bit.

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