Neil Smith’s waltz

Also known as Neil Smiths.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Neil Smith's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:B2BA GB|d2G2 Gc|e2 ed ce|d2G2B2|
[1 c2 cB Ac|B2 BAGB|A^c ea ge|f2d2c2:|
[2 cd eg ce|dg B2B2|ce Ac FA|G4||
d2|b2 ba gf|g2B2d2|ef gc eg|d2B2Bd|
cE ca ec|BD Bb gd|A2 ^ce ag|
f2 ^ce d=c|B2 BA GB|d2G2 Gc|e2 ed ce|
d2G2B2|cd eg ce|dg B2 B2|ce Ac FA|G4||

Two comments

Neil Smiths

The late Neil Smith was a fine musician who played both Northumbrian Small pipes and recorder. He has written a number of really good tunes. I heard him first at the Northumbrian piping competitions in Alnwick in the early 80’s playing in the duet competition with another fine musician Robin Dunn (they won).
This tune was written by Robin Dunn.

Re: Neil Smith’s

Hello pipemakermike

Thank you for posting this tune.
I lived up in the North for some years and knew and played with Neil and Robin on many occasions. In fact in ‘81 I won the Morpeth Open, at the suggestion of John and Elsie Nettleton (?), from Cullercoats when I was visiting them.
Neil had played brilliantly as always.
When Foster Charlton was announcing the results in reverse order…"Third George Welch, second Neil Smith and…" I couldn’t believe it. Neil’s music always seemed so effortless and stylish. He’s probably one of the best recorder players I’ve heard.
Robin, no slouch either! He played many times with Neil as a duo. He was from Ashington I believe, (same as the Charlton brothers). What beautiful music they played together.
And I played a lot with his brother Martin, a wizard flute player, in Liverpool back in the day.

You’ve brought back a treasure chest of memories!

Anyway, what a lovely composition in Neil’s honour, thank you so much

All the best
Brian x