Maruxa polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maruxa
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:GB|d>e dc|d/e/d/c/ Bd|c>d cB|c/d/c/B/ A/B/c/d/|
B>A G/A/B/c/|A>G ^F/G/A/B/|G>D B,A,|G,2:|
|:AG|^F>G AB/A/|G>A Bc|^F>G Ae|d4|
g>_a gf|e2 c/d/e/c/|f>g fe|d4|
A>B cB/A/|B/c/B/A/ G/A/B/G/|A/B/A/G/ ^F/G/A/B/|G2:|

Two comments


From Milladoiro
Of course it’s not a polka.
It’s slowish and lyrical and very Spanish