Two recordings of
The Cup Of Tea
Speed The Plough

The Cup Of Tea (reel) is also known as The Cup O’ Tea, Sweet Cup Of Tea, The Unfortunate Cup Of Tea.

Speed The Plough (reel) is also known as Cronin’s, Cronin’s Fancy, McGreevy’s, Mulvihill’s, O’Keefe’s, O’Keefe’s Plough, Paddy Cronin’s, Paddy Cronins, Speed Da Plough, Tom Billy’s, Tom Billy’s Speed The Plough.

A Spider In The Hood by Cattle Grid

  1. Speed The Plough
  2. The Cup Of Tea
  3. The New Copperplate

Come South Along the Road by Irish Fellas

  1. McCarthy’s
  2. Speed The Plough
  3. The Cup Of Tea