Little Bridget Flynn hornpipe

Also known as Bridget Flynn, Bridgit Flynn, Brigid Flynn, Little Brigid Flynn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Little Bridget Flynn
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
ef|g2 gg f2 gf|ef ed B2 ef|g2 gg ff ff|e4z2ef|
g2 gg f2 gf|ef ed B2 ef|g2 gg f2 b2|e4z2ga|
b6fg|a6ef|gg gg gf ed|e4z2ef|
g2 gg f2 gf|ef ed B2 ef|g2 gg f2 b2|e4z2|

Two comments

Little Bridget Flynn

S: Damaris Woods
Z:gian marco pietrasanta

Bridgit Flynn

I’ve a nice little house and a cow yard too with grass.
I’ve a plant garden running by the door.
I’ve a shelter for the hens and a stable for the ass
Now, what could a man want more?
I don’t know, maybe so,
But a bachelor is easy and he’s free.
But I’ve lots to look after, though I’m living all alone.
Sure nobody’s looking after me.
My father often tells me I should go and have a try
To find a girl that owns a bit of land.
And I know, the way he says it, that there’s someone on his mind.
And my mother has the whole thing planned.
I don’t know, maybe so,
But t’would mollify them greatly to agree.
Now, there’s little Bridget Flynn, sure it’s her I’d love to win,
But she never has an eye for me.
Now there’s a little girl who’s worth her weight in gold.
And that’s a decent dowry, don’t you see?
And I mean to go and ask her just as soon as I get bold,
If she’ll come and have an eye for me.
Will she go? I don’t know.
But I’d love to have her sitting on my knee.
And I’ll sing like a thrush in a hawthorn bush
If she’ll come and have an eye for me.

Re: Little Bridget Flynn

Written by Percy French.

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