Two recordings of a tune named
Nóra Críona
With a tune named
The Bride’s Favourite

Nóra Críona (jig) is also known as Hushed Be Sorrow’s Sigh, Lesbia Hath A Beaming Eye, Metal Bridge, The Metal Bridge, Nora Chreena, Nora Chrionna, Nora Creena, Nora Criona, Nora Crionna, Nóra Críonna, Norah’, Old Nora, Wise Nora.

The Bride’s Favourite (jig) is also known as The Bride’s Farewell, Bride’s Favorite, The Bride’s Favorite.

All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle by Tom McHale

  1. The Bride’s Favourite
  2. Nóra Críona

Roll Away The Reel World by James Keane

  1. The Bride’s Favourite
  2. Tony Rowe’s
  3. Walsh’s
  4. Nora Crionna