Two recordings of a tune named
Johnny Doherty’s
With a tune named
Farewell To Erin

Johnny Doherty’s (reel) is also known as John Doherty’s, Marry When You’re Young, Marry While You’re Young, West Cork.

Farewell To Erin (reel) is also known as Farewell To Éire, Farewell To Eirinn, Farewell To Ireland, Goodbye To Ireland, Slán Le HÉireann, Slan Le HEirinn.

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Sheena

  1. Farewell To Eirinn
  2. Johnny Doherty’s

Live in Concert by Zoe Conway and John Mc Intyre

  1. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  2. Scartaglen
  3. Johnny Doherty’s
  4. Farewell To Erin