Willie Maclennan march

By James Scott Skinner

Also known as The Champion.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Willie Maclennan
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:ec|A<A AB cBcd|e2 f2 e2 cA|e2 f2 e2 cA|d2 e2 d2 BG|
A<A AB cBcd|e2 f2 e2 cA|aecA ecdB|c2 A2 A2:|
|:(3efg|a2 cA e2 cA|aAcA e2 cA|g2 BG d2 BG|gGBG d2 BG|
a2 cA e2 cA|afdf e2 cA|aecA ecdB|c2A2 A2:|
|:ec|A<A AB cBcd|eagf eAcA|eagf eAcA|dgfe dGBG|
A<A AB cBcd|eagf eAcA|aecA ecdB|c2 A2 A2:|
|:(3efg|aecA eAcA|aecA eAcA|gdBG dGBG|gdBG dGBg|
aecA eAcA|afdf eAcA|aecA ecdB|c2 A2 A2:|

Two comments

Willie Maclennan

Willie Maclennan by James Scott Skinner. From ‘Harp and Claymore’, with slight adaptions on my part. I’ll post John Doherty’s unique setting shortly.

Re: Willie Maclennan

Hello The Archivist. I’m confused. I’ve always known this tune as “The Champion March” - I think I first heard it played by Peter Wyper on a 78rpm disc - and that’s what it’s called in Harp & Claymore.

Ah, I see it’s under the “Willie MacLennan” name in The Scottish Violinist book (a sort of “best of” compilation of Skinner’s previously published collections). William MacLennan was indeed a champion piper and a friend of Skinner. He was part of a family of pipers which included G S MacLennan of “Jig of Slurs” fame.