McDermott’s hornpipe

There are 39 recordings of this tune.

This tune has been recorded together with Memories Of Sligo (a few times), Lad O’Beirne’s (a few times), The Curlews (a few times), The Galway (a few times) and The Liverpool (a few times).

McDermott’s appears in 5 other tune collections.

McDermott's has been added to 35 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: McDermott's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:AG|EA AB cA (3Bcd|eg ed Bd dg|eA Ad BA GB|(3AAA GA GE DF|
DE EB cA (3Bcd|eg ed Bd d2|eA Ad BA GB|(3AAA AG A2:|
|:ed|eg ag eg d2|eg ag eA d2|eA Ad BA GB|(3AAA GA GE DF|
DE EB cA (3Bcd|eg ed Bd dg|eA Ad BA GB|(3AAA AG A2:|

Three comments

Source: Laurence Nugent : "Two for Two"
Transcription: g.m.p.

Josie McDermott was a great flute and whistle player from Co. Roscommon.

Re: McDermott’s

This isn’t the ‘McDermott’s’ that is played on the Andy McGann/Paul Brady LP ‘Hard Road’. I can’t remember the (other) name of the one that is in that set under this title, but I know I’ve come across it and I’ll post a note when I find it.

On that set, he plays his ‘McDermott’s’ once, and goes on to a setting of ‘Marquis of Lorne’, which is not mentioned in the track listing, before playing ‘From Galway to Dublin’.

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Re: McDermott’s

Just remembered the name of the tune Andy McGann plays under the title of ‘McDermott’s’: it’s the one I know as ‘The Galway Hornpipe’.

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