Into A Brighter Day hornpipe

By Josephine Marsh

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One setting

X: 1
T: Into A Brighter Day
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:BcBG ~A2 ^GA|BedB A^G E2|B^c d/c/B eBde|fedf e2 ~e2|
fgfd eBde|fedB AFDA|cded dBGB|1 A2 B/A/^G A4:|2 A2 B/A/^G A3e||
|:dBde g2 ga|ba g/a/b ag e2|fedf edef|
[1~g2fa g3f|eBeg fBfa|gbeg fedB|cded dBGB|A2 A^G A3e:|
[2 ~g2 fa g2 e/f/g|fBfa gegb|ac'ba gefd|~c2 eg dBGB|A2 A^G A4||

One comment

Into A Brighter Day

Josephine Marsh composition.

This is one of the compositions of Faoiseamh: New compositions commissioned by The Rolling Wave on RTÉ radio, with support from the Irish Traditional Music Archive.

You can find all the compositions here:

“Faoiseamh | ITMA”

The only thing I did with this setting is to transpose it to Em. It fits in the octaves of the tin whistle, covering a wide range. I find it interesting that this tune is a good practice to play G# (middle hole).

If you want to listen the short rolls in this key, you can use the software of this page: