Iontráil Na dTuismitheoirí slide

Also known as Bon Voyage Monsieur Dumollet, Entry Of The Parents.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Iontráil Na dTuismitheoirí
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2d B2G def g3|gfe dcB Adc B2G|
g2d B2G def g3|gfe dcB AGF G3||
GBd d^cd dcd B2G|Gce e^de gfe d3|
GBd d^cd dcd B2G|gfe gfe ed^c d3||

Six comments

Iontráil Na DTuismitheoirí

This is a traditional slide I heard played in an old pub in Kerry …

Nah, just kidding. This is the “Entry Of The Parents” from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, transcribed as a slide and shifted up a step. It struck me that it sounds just like a slide.

(And yes, compared to the actual score, it’s time-shifted over by half a bar, so in 6/8 time, the “1” here is what would have been the “4” in the original. I did that because, IMO, that’s where it sounds like the emphasis is in the original, so I’m calling it poetic license as part of the ungentle transition to slidehood.)

Re: Iontráil Na DTuismitheoirí

Wow, that’s a striking resemblance!

Re: Iontráil Na DTuismitheoirí

Last year Yves Jean-Pierre ROBERT made an illuminating post:

“This tune was a song composed around 1809 by Marc-Antoine-Madeleine Désaugiers in his vaudeville ”Le départ pour Saint-Malo“. This song is known as ”Bon voyage, Monsieur Dumollet !“. The tune was famous enough to be played all over Europe. In France, it is still a children song and it is also played among the ”Bandas“ , popular brass bands of the South-West French Gascony.”

Famous enough for Tchaikovsky to quote it in The Nutcracker?

Re: Iontráil Na DTuismitheoirí

Here’s that song:

It’s very identifiably the same song. Tchaikovsky seems to have changed the last bar and not much else. 🙂 And sure, I think it’s fair to call it a quote; after all, it’s supposed to be music that the parents are dancing to at a party.

I’ve added “Bon voyage Monsieur Dumollet” as an alternate title.

Re: Iontráil Na DTuismitheoirí

See The Steamboat for the quote (from Y J-P ROBERT), a stack of other names and plenty of more locations, where PIT might have heard it! Or maybe it’s something to do with Jung?