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One setting

X: 1
T: Hula Hoop
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F~A3 ~A3B|dBAF EDBD|AAFA fgfd|edBA BedA|
F~A3 ~A3B|dz AF EDBD|AAFA fgfd|e~B3 ~B3A||
F~A3 ~A3B|dz AF EDBD|AAFA fgfd|edBA BedA|
F~A3 AFAB|dz AF EDBD|AAFA fgfd|edBA Bcdz||
f~B3 FBdf|eAcA .c/.c/d ez|f~B3 FBdB|.c/.c/e ae fece|
fz ~B2 FBdf|eAcA .c/.c/d ez| .dB.cA|.F~B3 {c}Bcde||
eJf{e}fz ~B3d|e~A3 ~A3z|f~B3 fecB|A~E3 ~A2ce|
f~B3 FBdf|eAcA .c/.c/d ez|(fd e/d/c) (dBcA)|(E/F/G/A/) dc BA (G/F/E)||
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Two comments

Hula Hoop

Another tune I learned in a workshop with Kevin Crawford. He plays Ray’s Revenge (Jig) into the Hula Hoop (reel). This tune (although it’s written out in D major) is designed to be played on the Bb whistle. I suppose you could really play them on whatever whistle you feel sounds good to your ear, but if you want to play along with recordings – Bb Generation whistles aren’t too pricey, and they have a lovely sound…

To my ear, the tune resolves on F#, so that might make it more of an F# Phrygian tune… but that wasn’t an option here, so I went for Dmaj. The important thing is the two sharps in the key signature anyway, right?

One more disclaimer on this first transcription – the B part could really be played as a repeat after the first time through. The extended B part is a transcription of the variation that Kevin Crawford plays after the first time through the tune. I figured I’d write it out for anyone interested.

Here’s a more detailed transcription, complete with source info:

X: 1
T: Hula Hoop
C: Kevin Crawford
D: Kevin Crawford – Carrying The Tune
D: Kevin Crawford, Dylan Foley & Josh Dukes
S: Kevin Crawford lesson
Z: Transcription: Alina Larson (written for transposing; play on Bb whistle)
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F~A3 ~A3B | dBAF EDBD | AAFA fgfd | edBA BedA |
F~A3 ~A3B | dz AF EDBD | AAFA fgfd | e~B3 ~B3A ||
F~A3 ~A3B | dz AF EDBD | AAFA fgfd | edBA BedA |
F~A3 AFAB | dz AF EDBD | AAFA fgfd | edBA Bcdz |]
[| f~B3 FBdf | eAcA .c/.c/d ez | f~B3 FBdB | .c/.c/e ae fece |
fz ~B2 FBdf | eAcA .c/.c/d ez | .dB.cA | .F~B3 {c}Bcde ||
eJf{e}fz ~B3d | e~A3 ~A3z | f~B3 fecB | A~E3 ~A2ce |
f~B3 FBdf | eAcA .c/.c/d ez |(fd e/d/c) (dBcA) | (E/F/G/A/) dc BA (G/F/E) |]

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