Caller Herrin’ march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Caller Herrin'
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
F|B2 B>B A2 B/z/c/|dGc>B AFGA|B2 B>B A2 B z/c/|d>Bc>A B3:|
|:.b|.a.g.f.e .d.c.B.b|.a.g.f.e .d.c.B.b|.a.g.f.e .d.e.=ef|gGc>B AFGA|
B2 B>B A2 B z/c/|dGc>B AFGA|B2 B>B A2 B z/c/|d>ecB B:|
|:f|b2 bb a2 b z/a/|gfed cde=e|f2 f>f =e2 f z/g/|a>bg>f f3d|
e2 e>e d2 e>f|gGc>B AFGA|B2 B>B ABge|d>ec>B B3:|]

Three comments

Caller Herrin’

A Scots dance tune written by Nathaniel Gow, known as his most popular. I know it as the key of Bb but choices of Keys limited here. Not played too fast.

Re: Caller Herrin’

Mainly heard as the song of the same name these days in Scotland, or at least the first 2 parts, the second an octave down to not wreck the vocal cords! Words by Lady Nairne (Caroline Oliphant).

Re: Caller Herrin’

Lady Nairne’s husband was born in Ireland and in 1831, after his death, Caroline went to live there, first at Kingstown near Dublin, then at Enniskerry, Wicklow. She loved the Irish "peasantry" but was devastated to find "a generous people crushed under the iron heel of a selfish priesthood." She was moved to write a song, "Wake, Irishmen, Wake":

What will numbers avail, when their strength is departed?
The bread sent from Heaven, they trample it down;
Our birthright - our portion - yet dark and cold-hearted
They starve the poor sons of Fair Erin.

After three years in Ireland, she travelled through Europe, only returning to Perthshire in 1843 to spend the last two years of her life at the home she loved so much.

Lady Nairne and Nathaniel Gow were contemporaries, and Caroline wrote the words to "Caller Herring" specially for him. It is said that Nathaniel Gow composed the tune after hearing the cries of street sellers in Edinburgh. The chromatic runs in the second part of the tune echo the bells of the Tron Church (if my memory serves - I might be wrong).

[===—- Hello Jim! Am I right in remembering that you knew one of my favourite mandolin players of all time Kenneth "Jethro" Burns? —-===]