The Witches reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Witches
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
GA|:"Em" B2BA BE (3EEE|Bd^cA B2 BG|"D" A2 AB AD (3DDD|FDFG A2d^c|
"Em" B2 BA BE (3EEE|Bd^cA B2 cd|e2 ef edBA|G2 FD E4:|
"G" G2 GA Bdef|g2 gf gfef|gefd edBG|A2 AG "D7" A2 GA|
"G" B3 A Bdef|g2 gf gfef|gefd edBA|B2 "D7" c4 BA|
"G" G2 GA Bdef|g2 gf gfef|gefd edBG|(3 Bcd cB "D7" A2BA|
"G" G2 GA Bdef|g2 gf gfef|gefd edBd|"Em" e6 b2-|
b8|"D" a3 g fgaf|"C" gefd edBG|"Bm" A2 AG AGFD|"Am" E3 G A2 GA|
"Bm" Bc dB cdef|"C" fgaf gfed|"D" e2 ed e2 b2-|"Em" b4 agfe|
"D" a4 gfef|"C" gefd edBG|"Bm" A2 AG ABde-|"Am" e2 de f2 ef|
"Bm" g2 a4 b2-|"C" bagf eagf|"D" edBA GFGA|

One comment

The Witches

From the soundtrack of the movie "Waking Ned." Shaun Davey composition, and if you didn’t know that you could guess it. Wicked tune in more than just name. Starts out square, B part gets a little wild with one syncopated note, and the second half breaks down into an crooked orgy of tie-syncopated, wailing high b’s and a’s on the pipes.
Not recommended to drop this unsuspecting on a session. If you do, get a guitar player on side first, just tell him Em/D on A part, G and quick D on B part, and then walk down one bar each Em, D, C Bm to Am, then back up again for the C part — and whatever you do, don’t try to follow the melody, it will lead where you can’t go. I put in some indicative chords.