Farewell To Harstad reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Farewell To Harstad
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|1 d2 d2 c2 c2| B2 c/d A2 F2 | G2 A/B F2 G/A| E2 D/E F2 E2 |
d2 d2 c2 c2 | B2 c/d A2 F2 | G2 A/B A2 C2 | D6 A2|

|2 f2 f2 e2 e2 | d2 e/d c2 f2 | B2 g2 |A2 f2|f2 e/d f2 e2|
f2 f2 e2 e2 | d2 e/d c2 F2 | G2 A/B A2 c2 | d6 A2 |

|3 dFAd cEAc | BDGB AdFA| GBEG FADF | E2 ed c2 Ac|

|4 fAdf eAce | dGBd cafc | BdGB FADF |GE ed cA B/c/d/e/|
fAdf eAce | dGBd cafc | BdGB FAA,C | DFGE F2 Ac |

Two comments

Farewell To Harstad

This is composed by John Sheahan . It is a 4 part tune played 1/2/2/ 1/ 3 /2 / 4/ 1/2/2/ as can be seen on both youtube videos . It is a lovely tune but a little tricky due to the arrangement of the parts. I did not put any
repeats at the end of each part because of the order he plays them . He plays it nice and slow.The audio above plays it far faster.

Re: Farewell To Harstad

I meant to say also that this tanscription is from Dubliners 50th . It differs only slightly from the other youtube Dubliners Farewell uploaded by Silverne in that the ending of Part 1 of parts 3 and 4 are changed around ie
GE v E2 .