For Johnny march

By Phil Cunningham

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One setting

X: 1
T: For Johnny
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G3E Gc-c2|d4 c2B2|Bc-c2F3E|CD-D2 E2F2|
G3E Gc-c2|d4 e2f2|e3d cB-B2|{B}c6 A2|
G3E Gc-c2|d4 c2B2|Bc-c2F3E|DA-A2 G3F|
EC-C2 FD-D2|G3c {d}c2B2|1 {B}c8-|c6 A2:|2 c8-|c6 f2||
e3d cE-E2|F4 d4|d4 F3E|G6 f2|
e3d cE-E2|F4 d4|d8-|d4 e2f2|
e3d cE-E2|F4 d3c|B2c2G2F2|E4C3D|
EC-C2 FD-D2|G3c {d}c2B2|{B}c8-|c6 A2:|

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For Johnny

Composed by Phil Cunningham.
I got this from Kevin Burke’s playing on his ‘Across the Black River’ album. The liner notes read:
‘Johnny Cunningham was a great Scottish fiddle player and a dear friend. His brother, Phil, wrote this tune as a tribute to him.’

It’s a slow air but, in absence of that facility on here, I’ve added it as a march and included an approximate tempo mark as a reminder. It’s a beautifully direct tune with something of a vocal quality about it. This transcription reflects Burke’s rendition; he does play some of the quasi-snap rhythms (the quavers followed by a quaver tied to a crotchet) with a slightly more ‘snapped’ feel but not to the extent or consistency that it seemed worth notating at the semiquaver level.

The second section isn’t repeated but I’ve included the a’ crotchet that takes it back to a full repeat of the tune, and a repeat mark to indicate this (though the MIDI isn’t agreeing with me here); to end, you would otherwise remain on the final C.

Re: For Johnny

Photo of Johnny in on stage with “Silly Wizard” from 1970s on the home page at the moment, bottom left.

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Re: For Johnny

Thanks Kenny, good spot!

Re: For Johnny

It was me who put it there 🙂

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Re: For Johnny

Less impressive then 😆 thanks for highlighting anyhow! He was a superb player.