Waltz Joe-Anne waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Waltz Joe-Anne
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
D2A3D|AD EF ED|D2B3D|B3D D_D|C2B3C|d2c3B|B2AG FG|A6|
^C2G3C|B4A2|G2FE FG|A6|F6|G6|.A3A .A2|A2zA, B,A,|
D2A3D|AD EF ED|D2B3D|B3D D_D|C2B3C|d2c3B|B2AG FG|A6|
^C2G3C|B4A2|G2FE FG|A6|F6|E2.F2zE|D6|D2zd d_d||
c6|.c2d2B2|A3G FG|A6|G5A|B4A2|G2FE FG|A6|
d6|.d2c3B|A2AG FG|A6|F6|E2.F2zE|D4D2|D2d2_d2|
c6|.c2d2B2|A3G FG|A6|G2B,D GA|B4A2|G2FE FG|A6|
d4de|d2c3B|A2AG FG|A6|1 F4EF|G4FG|.A2zA .A2|A2zA, B,A,:|
[2 .F2A,D FD|.E2A^C EC|D2||

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Re: Waltz Joe-Anne

Despite the composer it doesn’t sound the slightest bit Irish. A really beautiful waltz all the same, and I am keen to get it under my fingers.

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Re: Waltz Joe-Anne

I’ve heard a version of it with another section added on to it. Anyone know that bit?? It’s by C Lennon too.