Är Du Galen Gutt? barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Är Du Galen Gutt?
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D/ G>A|:B2 G2 G2 A>B|c2 A2 A2 d2|c>B A>G F>G A>B|(3ABA (3GFE D>D G>A|
B2 G2 G2 A>B|c2 A2 A2 d2|c>B A>G F>G A>B|1 G2 B2 G>D G>A:|2 G2 B2 G3 d/d/||
|:d2 d2 d>e f>g|e2 c2 c3d|e3d e>f g>a|f2 d2 d>c B>A|
B2 G2 G2 A>B|c2 A2 A2 d2|c>B A>G F>G A>B|1 G2 B2 G3 d/d/:|2 G2 B2 G>||
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Är Du Galen Gutt?

Swedish Schottis. From the playing of Jim MacArdle on his album "Much Blindin’ Down the Marsh". Track #4.

Sleeve notes:
"I learnt this tune from the great Swedish Fiddler Carina Nygren, who was a frequent visitor to Ireland
when we had the road to Milltown Malbay worn out, and all the summers were sunny and the sessions
lasted forever."


Also, Google Translate says the title means "Are you Crazy Boy?". Do we have any Swedish speakers here who can confirm? Thanks!

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Re: Är Du Galen Gutt?

Confirmed. I associate the word "gutt" more with Norwegian than Swedish, which makes me think that it’s probably a regional/(rural)/(old) word. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tune has lyrics.

Interesting that all the searches lead to the Jim MacArdle recording.

Re: Är Du Galen Gutt?

Very interesting. Thanks Jeff! 🙂

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Re: Är Du Galen Gutt?

Er Du Galen Gut-its this tune-can be found with words in Swedish on You tube-on a Swedish recording released in 2012.
Anyway nice tune which I am just leaning on my Scottish Small pipes.

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