The Red Stockings slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Red Stockings
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
FED E2A B2c|d3 d2e c2B|A2E C2E A2c|B2G D2B, A,2G,|
B,2A, G,2D EDC|D2E G2A B2d|c2E A2c BAG|1 A3-A3 E3:|2 A3-A2B c2d||
|:e2A A2c BAG|A2E E2c ~E3|B2e e2d c2A|BAG A2B c2d|
e2A A2c BAG|A2E E2c ~E3|1 B2e e2A B2e|e2A B2c d2^d:|
[2B2e e2d c2B|A3-A2B, C2B,|:A,2B, C2E A2c|~B3 A2E A2c|
~B3 A2E A2c|~B2AB2c d3|A,2B, C2E A2c|~B3 A2E A2c|
[1B2e e2d c2A|B2e e2d c2B:|2 B2e e2d c2B|A3-A3 E3||

One comment

The Red Stockings

Written by Cal Scott and featured on ‘Across the Black River’ by himself and Kevin Burke.

There is another slip jig known by the same name and, though multiple tunes coming under one name isn’t unheard of, it seems odd for two tunes of the same type to share one - especially with this tune presumably having been written when the other was already fairly well established! Anyway, it’s a lovely tune with a nice shape about it. I’ve included the final E that can take you back for a repetition of the full tune.