The Trip To Bofin jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Trip To Bofin
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G3 ABG|dec A2 g|fed cFA|dec BcA|
G3 ABG|dec A2 g|fed cDF|1 AGF G2 D:|2 AGF G3||
|:g3 gag|fed cAG|fec gfd|fec edB|
[1 g3 gag|fed cAd|DFA dcA|AGF G3:|
[2 agg gff|fee edc|DFA dcA|AGF G3||
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Three comments

The Trip To Bofin

Composed by Galway artist Joe Boske, this is the opening track on the CD "Amara", an "own-release" recording from 1997. On the CD the tune is described as a "slow jig", and is played by Sean Smyth on a low whistle in the key of "F".
The sleeve notes say :
"A jaunty little jig that recalls my first boat journey from Cleggan Pier to Inishbofin so many years ago.
I would like to dedicate this tune to Paddy O’Halloran, Master Mariner, in his retirement, and to all the "Bofiners".

pS - is there something wrong with my transcription here ? I seem to be getting a repeated phrase at the end of the 2nd part, first time through. I can’t see why that is happening.

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Re: The Trip To Bofin

OK - think it’s sorted. Ignore "ps"above.

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Re: The Trip To Bofin

Hi Kenny.

That’s interesting. It immediately put me in mind of The Boat to Bofin, attributed to Joanie Madden on the Seamus Connolly collection.