Brinkie’s Brae barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Brinkie's Brae
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: D3 E F3 G | A2 d2 F2 D2 | GABG FAFD | E2 e2 c2 A2|
D3 E F3 G | A2 d2 F2 D2 | GABd c2 e2 |1 d6 A2 :|2 d6 de||
f3 a gf ed | B2 d2 A2 d2| B2 cd A2 d2 |gfed e2 de|
f3 a gf ed | B2 d2 A2 F2| GABd c2 e2 |d6 de|
f3 a gf ed | B2 d2 A2 d2|B2 cd A2 d2| gfed cecA |
D3 E F3 G | A2 d2 F2 D2 | GABd c2 e2 | d6 ||

Two comments

Brinkie’s Brae

I came across this tune while watching the Orkney Series by the Orcadian musicians, Fara. It is a lovely, easy to learn tune.
Brinkie’s Brae is part 4 of the series and you will find out that the tune is name after a wee brae on the islands.

The tune was written by Alexander Windwick. Ally was born in Edinburgh to Orcadian parents who moved back to Orkney when he was 10 months old. His working life was spent as a linotype operator with ‘The Orcadian’ newspaper.

Re: Brinkie’s Brae

As soon as I saw this tune I thought - ‘that’s the name of the hill behind Stromness’. I’m going to learn it because I’ve been to Orkney three times (can’t see that happening again🙁) and stood on top of Brinkies Brae twice. A lovely connection. Thanks for sharing it.
Bruce (Australia)