Two recordings of
Duncan Davidson’s
Stirling Castle

Duncan Davidson’s (strathspey) is also known as Ducan Davidson, Duncan Davidson, Duncan Davidson’s Fling, Duncan Davidson’s Highland, Duncan Davidson’s Highland Fling, The Four Provinces Fling, Paddy Killoran’s Highland, Paddy Killoran’s Highland Fling, Paddy Kiloran’s Highland.

Stirling Castle (strathspey) is also known as Grey Day Light, Grey Daylight, The Kirn, Sterling Castle.

Fiddle Duet by Andy McGann And Paddy Reynolds

  1. Miller Of Heirn
  2. Stirling Castle
  3. Duncan Davidson
  4. Laird O’Drumblair
  5. Scott Skinner’s

Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. Donegal Lasses
  2. Stirling Castle