Kev The Great reel

By Carl Hession

Kev The Great has been added to 3 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kev The Great
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:"A"cAAB cAAB|"A"cdef "E"gede|"A"cAAB cdea|"E"gbea gbed|
"A"cAAB cdec|"D"Aaaf "E"gbed|"A"c2 "E"d2 "A"ea"E"ge|"Bm"dBBe "E"dBB2:|
|:"A"E2 Ac "E"BEed|"A"cA"D"df "E"efed|"A"c2 ec "F#m"Aage|"Bm"deBe "E"de B2|
"A"E2 Ac "E"BEed|"A"c2 "E" d2 "A"ef"E"ed|"A"cAec "F#m"Aage|"Bm"dB"E"GB "A"A4:|

Three comments

Kev The Great

Carl Hession composition. Tune dedicated to flute player Kevin Crawford.

This is the original setting composed by Carl, including the chords. Carl is happy to share his tunes in this website, he is kindly giving me the music scores and helping me with the questions that arise in the making of the ABC notation. In his own words, people are free to do what they want with these tunes.

I know that for many of you Carl doesn’t need any presentation, but for those that may not know him, here you are a Wikipedia link:

The music score doesn’t have any ornamentation. As Carl says, this tune is a general outline where musicians are free to put in their own variations and ornamentation.

You can listen a possible setting with ornamentation in this YouTube video where Tara Breen plays the fiddle and Carl plays the piano accompaniment. It is the third tune in the set (I added a comment with a link that will get you automatically to the beginning of this tune). In the description of the video Carl tells the story behind the composition:

Re: Kev The Great

So what do we learn about Kev the flute player? He’s got a G# key on his flute…

Re: Kev The Great

Yes Harald, you are right. There are G#s in this tune, I must admit that this would be difficult to play for tin whistles and all those flutes and pipes that don’t have that particular key to play G#.

The composer has chosen this key because he included it in a set that has each tune in a different key.

We can always publish another setting transposing the tune, but I’m afraid that it would may fall out of the range of the instruments concerned. In G major would have one note outside of the range of the tin whistle for example.