Nine recordings of Whistle Ower The Lave O’t

Also known as Auld Breeks, The Auld Breeks, March Of The Irish Volunteers, The Royal Highland Fusiliers March, Sean Trews, Sean Triubhas, Seann Triubhas, Seann Truibhas, Shaun Truish, Shean Trews, Sheann Trubhais, Shoddy Breeks, The Shoddy Breeks, Whistle O’er The Lave O’it, Whistle O’er The Lave O’t, Whistle O’er The Leave O’t, Whistle Oure The Leave O’t, Whistle Over The Lave O’t, Whistle Owre The Lave O’t.

This tune has been recorded together with The Braes Of Tulliemet (a few times), Muschat’s Cairn (a few times), An TSeanbhean Bhocht, Braes Of Maas, Captain Byng, Casey’s Pig, The Cross Of Inverness, Dulaman Na Binne Bui, The East Neuk O’ Fife, The Gesto, Munlochy Bridge, Peter’s Peerie Boat, The Shan Van Vocht, Tommy Peoples’, Zeeto The Bubbleman.

  1. Classic Recordings Of Scottish Fiddling by Bill Lamey
  2. Folktrax-075: Johnny Doherty, The Star Of Donegal by Johnny Doherty
  3. In Conversation by Calum Pasqua & Susie Petrov
  4. Irish Traditional Music (played on Uilleann Pipes, Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Flute And Whistle) by Sean McAloon, Seamus Horan, Packie Duignan, John Rea, Sean Wynne & Robin Morton
  5. The Fiddler’s Companion by Various Artists
  6. The Strathspey King by James Scott Skinner
  7. Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 4 Mackinnon’s Brook by Various Artists
  8. Traditional Music On The Hammer Dulcimer by John Rea
  9. Up in the Air by Tim Clancy