One recording of
Whistle Ower The Lave O’t
An TSeanbhean Bhocht

Whistle Ower The Lave O’t (march) is also known as Auld Breeks, The Auld Breeks, March Of The Irish Volunteers, The Royal Highland Fusiliers March, Sean Trews, Sean Triubhas, Seann Triubhas, Seann Truibhas, Shaun Truish, Shean Trews, Sheann Trubhais, Shoddy Breeks, The Shoddy Breeks, Whistle O’er The Lave O’it, Whistle O’er The Lave O’t, Whistle O’er The Leave O’t, Whistle Oure The Leave O’t, Whistle Over The Lave O’t, Whistle Owre The Lave O’t.

An TSeanbhean Bhocht (hornpipe) is also known as An Shean Bhean Bhocht, An TSean Bhean Bhocht, The Poor Old Woman, Sean Bhean Bhocht, Sean Bhean Bhoct, Seanbhean Bhocht.

Folktrax-075: Johnny Doherty, The Star Of Donegal by Johnny Doherty

  1. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
  2. Dulaman Ne Beinne Buidhe
  3. An Tseanbhean Bhocht
  4. The Shan Van Vocht
  5. The Braes Of Maas
  6. Talk
  7. Kitty’s Fancy