Cherry Wine reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cherry Wine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
afec B z ec|BAF z cBAF|E z CE FABA|Bcec efef|
afec B z ec|BAF z cBAF|E z CE FABc|BA F2 A4:|

Four comments

Cherry Wine

Little tune I came up with while I should have been listening to a lecture on Zoom. The name comes from the bottle of cherry liquor which happened to be on my desk at the time.

Re: Cherry Wine

Nice tune! The only G# is just between two As therefore it should be not too bad to play the middle hole in the tin whistle.

Re: Cherry Wine

A zippy reel, am not good enough to play it on my fiddle - and never will be!

"The Fruit of the Barley" is a tune I can’t find here - but Jeremy doesn’t like me trying to post tunes and getting Abc notation WRONG. He may be right at that. (Fruit o the Barley being whiskey, song about a lad who tried to take the pledge "But there in that room sat the priests in a bunch, round a big roaring fire drinking tumblers of punch (or whiskey and punch).. Last verse, he wanders alone "wi the sky for his roof and the earth for his floor, and he’ll dance out his life drinkin’ whiskey galore! Singin’ Ban Yanna Mo is an Ghanna - and the fruit o the barley’s for me". One of susan k’s frequent diversions. Good luck. Irish person, correct the Gaelic bit?

Re: Cherry Wine

Fruit wines can be potent. My Mum "a steady drinker?" - made elderflower and elderberry wine (I mostly did the picking). She was brilliant at it, having had to use supplies of frozen blackberries to make wine in Kuwait years ago. Of course alcohol content not gauged… Of her elderflower, a French girl once said "C’est comme le vin de mon pays", the fragrant bouquet I think. Put your tune in my tunebook.