The Halfpenny Place march

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Halfpenny Place
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
e2A2^c2d2 | e6 =fe|d2c2B2c2 | d4G4|c2e2c2A2 | B2d2d2c2|B4 A2c2 | B4E4|
e2A2^c2d2 | e4 f2g2|d2c2B2c2 | d8|c2B2A2c2 | d6cd | B6 A2|1 B8:|2 B6e2 ||
|:a4a2g2 | f2d2A2d2 |g4g2f2 | e4 e2f2|g4g2f2 | e2B2e2g2|f2g2f2e2 | d2e2f2g2|
a4a2g2 | f2d2A2d2 |g2a2g2f2 | e4 e2f2|g4g2f2 | e2B2f2e2 | d8 |1 d2e2f2g2:|2 d8||

One comment

The Halfpenny Place

This is a tune I composed last year during the first few months of lockdown.

Initially I notated it like this:

T:The Halfpenny Place
C:Kevin Rowsome
eA^cd e3 =f/e/|dcBc d2G2|cecA Bddc|B2 Ac B2E2|
eA^cd e2 fg|dcBc d4|cBAc d3c/d/|1B3 AB4:|2B3 AB2e2 ||
|:a2ag fdAd |g2gf e2 ef|g2gf eBeg|fgfe defg|
a2ag fdAd |gagf e2 ef|g2gf eBfe|1d4 defg:|2d8||

which is roughly equivalent to the tempo it plays via this website