One recording of
The Mooncoin
Contentment Is Wealth

The Mooncoin (jig) is also known as The Moon Coin, The Mooncoyne.

Contentment Is Wealth (jig) is also known as The Ballinamore, Fáilte Roiṁ Ó Conaill Go Dtí Duḃ Linn, Is Saibhreas An Sástacht, The Miner’s, Molloys Favourite, O’Connell’s Welcome To Dublin, Paddy Canny’s, Paddy Carty’s, Paddy Carty’s Favourite, Port Mhoss Martin, The Tongs By The Fire, Tony Molloy’s.

The Irish Low Whistle by Joe McKenna

  1. Contentment Is Wealth
  2. The Mooncoin