Sleepless Nights waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sleepless Nights
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:G2 D3 G|F2 B,3F|E6|EF/E/ ^DEF^G|A2 E3 A|G2 E3 G|(F6|
F) FG^GA^A|B2 ^G3 E|E2 e3 d|d3 ccB|c2 EFGA|
[2 B2 ^CEGB|A2 CDFA|GA/G/FGB/^c/d|gd^cdef||
|:gd^cdB/c/d|GdB/^c/dcd|ecBc^GA|E3 Ace|de/d/ ^cded|
fedcBA|GFGA B/^c/d|ed^cdef|gd^cdB/c/d|GdB/^c/dcd|
ecBc^GA|E3 Ace|de/d/ ^cded|fedcBA|GA/G/FGB/^c/d|gd^cdef:|
(3gbg (3fgf (3efe|(3ded ^cdef|gdBGBd|fdBFBd|ecBc^GA|
E3 Ace|dcAGFE|DE/D/^CD=CA,|G,B,DGBd|1 gd^cdef:|2 g3DEF||

One comment

Sleepless Nights

A beautifully crafted waltz by Billy McComiskey. I tried to capture the basic setting as Billy recorded it on “Outside the Box,” but I did not attempt to transcribe all his variations and decorations. .

Another lovely performance by Mirella Murray can be found on “Christmas in Ireland” by Cherish the Ladies: