Annie’s New Heart jig

By Allan MacDonald

Also known as Cridhe Ur Annag.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Annie's New Heart
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:cAA A2B|cea f2a|f2f fef|afe c2e|
cAA A2B|cea f2a|cea fae|aaa fae:|
|:ccc c2B|cea f2a|fea f2a|e2a fef|
ccc c2B|cea f2a|cea fae|aaa fae:|
|:AAA A2B|cec c2B|cfc ecc|efA AAA|AAA A2B|
cec c2B|1 cee eff|fec ecB:|2 cee eff|faa aaa||
|:aaa aaa|afe fae|fff afe|fec eee|
fec ecB|ccc cea|cea fae|aaa fae:|
# Added by May I .

Four comments


This version is based on Beòlach’s recording on their album “All Hands”.
It is the 3rd tune on the 1st track.
According to the post on youtube, this tune was composed by Allan MacDonald.

Because of the setting of the session, I posted on this tune as Amaj.
But I think this tune’s cord is C# phrigian, maybe.
If anyone knows the correct cord, please post on.


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Re: Annie’s New Heart

It’s definitely in A major, May I, and that’s how Beòlach are accompanying the tune (with chords from A major) though they may be avoiding playing the G# in their E chords.

Re: Annie’s New Heart

Thank you for your kind reply, DonaldK !
I’m convinced by your explanation.
With your help, I can play this tune with confidence. I’m grateful for your support.

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