Kitty In The Lane reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kitty In The Lane
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|:BGBd cBce|dgbg (3ddd ^cd|fdcA FDEF|GFGB ed^cd|
BGBd cBce|dgbg (3ddd ^cd|fdcA FDEF|1 GDB,D GBAc:|2 GDB,D Gcef||
|:gfga gdBg|e^def e^cAc|d^cde dBGB|A^GAB AFD2|
gfga gdBg|e^def e^cAc|dAGF E=cAF|1 GDB,D Gcef:|2 GDB,D GBAc||
|:BGBd cBce|dgbg (3ddd ^cd|fecA FDEF|GFGB ed^cd|
BGBd cBce|dgbg (3ddd ^cd|fecA FDEF|1 GDB,D GBAc:|2 GDB,D Gcef||
|:g3 f2^e|=e^fg d2c|BAG Bdg|f2e e^de|a3 g2a|
[1 gf^e f3|fe^d egf|e2d B2d:|2 gf^e f2=e|def gba|g3 d-||

Four comments

Kitty In The Lane

I was surprised not to find this here; if it is, let me know. This is not your ordinary “Kitty in the Lane”, but rather a tune from Donegal apparently used to accompany a specific dance.

I have two recordings of the tune. My transcription comes from the version on the album “Fiddle” by Ciarán Ó Maonaigh and Aidan O’Donnell and the other on the eponymous album by Beginish. The tune itself is variously described as a reel (Beginish) or a barndance (Fidil), but to me it sounds like a reel in both recordings. You’ll notice that every second time around the tune, instead of the B-part of the reel, you play a part in 6/8 (roughly in jig time), which is actually the lead-around march portion of the dance, at least according to Beginish.

It is played differently on each of the two recordings. On Fidil it is played as in the dance and the form I have transcribed here, whereas on Beginish the lead-around, played once through, serves as an introduction to a reel medley starting with the reel portion of this dance.

Perhaps Ceolachan, GW or someone else knowledgeable about Donegal music can provide more information about, or notation of, the dance that goes with this tune?

Re: Kitty In The Lane

Great tune, thanks for posting.
I found an other version of this tune in “The Northern Fiddler” (p. 93) where it is mentioned as a barndance (not sure I’m allowed to post it here because of the copyright). It has 3 parts : the A part as posted by Daniel Parker, a central part which has 32 bars in 3/4 (kind of waltz), followed by both A (again) and B parts similar to those posted here by Daniel P. The version is John Doherty’s, a fiddler who was born around 1895 and died in 1980.

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Re: Kitty In The Lane

ᾶAh, so the barndance designation comes not from the Fidil album but from The Northern Fiddler. Should have known that. Thanks for the info. Is the waltz version anything like the jig part I’ve posted here as the final part?

Re: Kitty In The Lane

Yes, Daniel, the basic melodic elements of the waltz are the same as the jig’s. The pace is quieter (many full bar notes and long notes, I mean dotted minims and minims). There are discrepancies in the structure : A, A’, B, B’ for the jig and ABCD (which might be simplified as ABA’B’) for the waltz.

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