Tooth Fairy jig

By André Brunet

Also known as La Fée Des Dents.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tooth Fairy
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"B2D- DGA|Bdc BAG|"C"{B}c2E- EFG|"D7"FAG FED
"G"~B3 DGA|Bdc Bgf|"C"egd- dcB|"D7"AGF "G"G3:|
|:"C"~e3 edB|ced cBc|"G/B"d2B- BAG|Bdc BAG
"C"e2c efg|"D7"afd- dcB|"C"ced cBA|"D7"AGF "G"G3:|

Seven comments

Re: Tooth Fairy

By André Brunet, Quebec composer. An Irish mandolin player in my local sessions played this, so I guess it’s part of the canon.

Re: Tooth Fairy

Hooray! I have been trying to get this lovely piece of music since hearing it played by Ventu du Nort (not sure of spelling!) at Shoreham’s Ropetackle Centre a few years ago. The group were, I believe, from Quebec, and I am sure one of the band said he wrote it. Thank you for this and to the for all the music on a Sunday.

Re: Tooth Fairy

A sweet jig this. I do remember my Dad yanking out his children’s teeth with pieces of thread. A wee bit of pain but the tooth fairy put sixpence under our pillows so that made up for it…

Re: Tooth Fairy

To Pauline Mc Hugh; I suppose the name is Vent du Nord

Re: Tooth Fairy

I know the first bar of the second half as e4cB, in keeping with the 2-2-2 rhythm elsewhere in the tune…

This gets played around Aberdeen, Scotland, too.

Re: Tooth Fairy

André Brunet now performs with the band, Le Vent du Nord. But previously he played in a trio, De Temps Antan, who recorded La fée des dents on a 2010 album, Les habits de papier. Le ruisseau francais (French Creek) is also on that CD — it’s a great album, worth getting!