The Flight Of The Midges jig

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X: 1
T: The Flight Of The Midges
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:E2F A2B|{B}c2B AFF|EFA Bce|fec BAF|
E2F A2B|{B}c2B AFF|a2e fec|BAF A3:|
|:ABc ~e3|efa ~f3|ABc eAA|ezf ecB|
ABc ~e3|efa ~f3|e2e fec|BAF A3:|

One comment

The Flight Of The Midges

This is a lively, simple pentatonic A major jig that concludes a set by Cherish the Ladies, from their album Across the Waves. I don’t have the liner notes handy so I’m not sure if it’s an original composition or where they got it from. Pretty straightforward - might be a pleasant tune for beginners to learn. The grace note B flowing into the C# in the first section is played as a hammer-on. The note that opens the 7th measure of each part (A in the first part, E in the second part) is played staccato; it could be played as a quarter note (as I wrote it, for simplicity), as an eighth note with an eighth rest after, or otherwise varied.