The Hut On Staffin Island hornpipe

Also known as Hut On Staffen Island, The Hut On Staffen Island, The Little Hut On Staffin Island.

There are 21 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Devil’s Dream (a few times).

The Hut On Staffin Island has been added to 15 tune sets.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: The Hut On Staffin Island
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2(3ddc dfed | cBcd ccBA|(^AB)BB BcdB|AFEF DB,B,A|
DdDd Dfed|cBcd ccBA|B2BA BcdB|AFEF DEFA|
d2(3ddc dfed|cBcd ccBA|(^AB)B=A BcdB|AFEF DB,B,D|
X: 2
T: The Hut On Staffin Island
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"A7"A,B,DE "D"D3E|"D"FDFA "Bm"d2 cA|"G"B3d "F#m"BAFD|"Em"E2 "F#m"FE "G"DB,B,D|
"A7"A,B,DE "D"D3E|FE (3FGA "Bm"dDcD|"G"B3d "F#m"BAFD|1"Em"E2 "F#m"FE "G"D3B,:|2"A7"E2 "D/F#"FE "D"D2 FA||
|"Bm":d4 d2 ed|"F#m"cBcd c2 BA|"G"B2 GA BcdB|"A"AFEF "D"D4|
"Bm"d4 d2 ed|"F#m"cBcd c2 BA|"G"B2 GA B2 dB|"Em"AFEF "G"DB,B,D|
"A7"A,B,DE "D"D3E|"D"FD "A"(3FGA "Bm"d2 "F#m"cA|"G"B3d "F#m"BAFD|"Em"E2 "F#m"FE "D"D4||
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X: 3
T: The Hut On Staffin Island
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"d7"DEGA "G"G3A|"G"BGBd "em"g2 fd|"c"e3g "B#m"edBG|"Am"A2 "B#m"BA "c"GEEG|
"d7"DEGA "G"G3A|BA (3Bcd "em"gGfG|"c"e3g "B#m"edBG|1"Am"A2 "B#m"BA "c"G3E:|2"d7"A2 "G/B#"BA "G"G2 Bd||
|"em":g4 g2 ag|"B#m"fefg f2 ed|"c"e2 cd efge|"d"dBAB "G"G4|
"em"g4 g2 ag|"B#m"fefg f2 ed|"c"e2 cd e2 ge|"Am"dBAB "c"GEEG|
"d7"DEGA "G"G3A|"G"BG "d"(3Bcd "em"g2 "B#m"fd|"c"e3g "B#m"edBG|"Am"A2 "B#m"BA "G"G4||
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X: 4
T: The Hut On Staffin Island
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DB,|:A,B,DE D3E|(3FED FA d2cd|B3d BAFD |E2FE DB,B,D|
A,B,DE D3E|(3FED FA d2cd|B3d BAFD|1E2FE D3B,:|2E2FE D4||
d3d- dded|cBcd c2BA|B3A BcdB|AFEF DB,B,2|
d3d- dded|cBcd c2BA|B3A BcdB|AFEF D4|
d3d- dded|cBcd c2BA|B3A BcdB|AFEF DB,B,D|
A,B,DE D2 DE|(3FED FA d2cd|B3d BAFD|E2FE D3B,|]

Nineteen comments

Hut on Staffen Island

This is based on Kevin Griffin’s version of the tune on
"Traditional Music from Doolin Co. Clare"
I have heard another version on Kathryn Tickell’s- "Debateable Lands"


Of course, this is a Phil Cunningham tune.

Nice tune!

Little Hut on Staffen Island

Great tune- but its not a hornpipe. Its a Scottish schottische.
Just out of interest, count how many different bars there are to make up the whole tune - its surprisingly few.

The Angels of the North play it with one of Jame’s Hill’s great tunes "The Hawk"which we play as a fast reel.
Noel Jackson
Angels of the North

The Hut on Staffen Island

Phil Cunningham is playing this tune - his tune - (there’s a story behind it of course) with John McCusker at the moment during their current tour (November 2003). I first heard it played by some trad mad musos in London sessions - particulary Cathy Sharp, who plays the fiddle - and learnt it as a beautiful slow tune to which we added some lovely harmonies….Phil Cunningham and the band played it quite a bit faster - I thought it was reel-type pace. I’m not exactly au fait with the "Schottische" style of tune but I guess that’s probably correct. Will do some research now for myself.


She, Cathy and friends would then go into a really fast version of The Nine Points of Roguery……..great stuff…great set of tunes.

The Hut on Staffin Island


Originally in “A”

The original recording on the Relativity album was in the key of "A". The actual sheet music in Phil’s book is likewise.

However, it is played in D, as here, in most session situations.

Katryn Tickell plays it in A. I was about to transpose the ABCs, then I realized GDAErs could just move it up a string, and Flute/Whsitle guys can just play it on an A Flute/Whistle.l

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Tickell plays it in D. Personally I think ‘G’ is a good, whistle-safe option ;-)

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Spelling of the tune

Phil C here.. just to clear up the question of spelling on the tune.
"Staffin" island is the correct spelling, it’s a wee island off the north east coast of Skye. There is a salmon fishing hut there.. which used to be inhabited during the season by Sandy Macleod of Garafad! Most definitely not a Schottische (although if you dot it a bit more you could dance one to it..) It was written as a slow reel, and can be played either or. I normally play it slow in D then up to speed in G.

love this tune! but could somebody post it in G major,? cos i have a d whisltle and it can’t play middle C and below

I love this tune a lot, it’s on the "Live At Trinity Hall" CD, and is played first like a waltz and then a reel. I don’t quite like the accidentals that are in this version here though.

Hot Stuff on the Little Island

I’ve seen a hand written sheet of dots for this tune with the amusing & almost anagrammatic alternative title "Hot Stuff on the Little Island".

This bit mildly diverting little piece of ribaldry possibly originated from the short lived Strathspey & Reel society in Largs or from one of the members of Argyll based ceilidh hackers Canned Haggis.

Session With Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas e.t.c

I found out about this tune from a video of Phil, Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas and lots of others. It’s a really beautiful tune, especially when paired with Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s!

Pipe Friendly Version

This version in G major fits nicely on the pipes or whistle.

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The Hut On Staffin Island, X:4

First heard this tune on the same video as posted above of Phil Cunningham (composer of the tune) playing with Aly Bain and others. This version is based on that video. Catchy tune and fun to play.

Re: The Hut On Staffin Island

We play it as 3rd tune (in D) in a set: preceded by "Memories of Father Angus McDonnell" (G) then "Calum’s Road"(D): all played around same speed and with more dottiness than shown in any of the scores, so a very "swingy" feel to it.