The Devil In The Strawstack reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Devil In The Strawstack
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Gm"GFD(F GF)D(F|GF)DF "F"C4|"Gm"GFDF G2 d2-|"Dm"dcA(c dc)Ac|
"Gm"GFD(F GF)D(F|GF)DF "F"C4|"Gm"GFDF G2 d2-|"Dm"dcA2 "Gm"G4:|
"Gm"d2g2g4|gagf d4|"F"fAgA fAgf|"Dm"dcAc d4|
"Gm"d2g2g4|gagf d4|"F"fAgA fAgf|"Dm"dcA2 "Gm"G4:|
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This is a different version than the one I learned- but I have yet to learn ABC and for that reason couldn’t post the version I’ve learned. I learned it from the group I have a weekly session with- they play it every week, and when i was attempting to learn the fiddle, this was my tune of choice! This one, as well as one called “Coffee”, which is a fantastically fun tune as well- when up to session speed!

Morgan A.

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Devil in the Strawsack Mode?

The nice, strange tune is labeled here as Gmaj, the chords are Gmin.
The b / bflat is missing, its’ neither Gmaj, Gmin nor Gdor.
What’s correct?

It reminds me a bit of a tune by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Where is your source? Are there any recordings?


Devil in the strawstack

This tune was recorded by Pete Sutherland in 1982 on Eight Miles from Town.
It is transcribed incorrectly in the key of G major. It is in G Dorian (with a minor third note) and written out of the key of F ( with one flat–Bb). Otherwise the transcription is pretty close to the way Pete Sutherland plays it. It is a fantastic old-time fiddle tune. Also the Horseflies recorded it.

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