Long Island reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Long Island
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:"Em"E2 GB cBGB|cBGB cBGB|"Em"E2 GB cBGB|"D"AFDF "Em"E3 E:|
|:"Em" eBeB "D"fAfA|"C"gBgB "B7"fAfA|"Em"eBeB "D"fAfA|"C"gBgB "B7"f4:|
"C"gcgc "B7"fAfA|"D"edBA "G"BAGB|"C"gcgc "B7"fAfA|"D"edBd "Em"e2 ef|
"C"gcgc "B7"fAfA|"D"edBA "G"BAGB|"C"gcgc "B7"fAfA|"D"edBA GFED||
|:"Em"E2 GE "D"F2 AF|"C"G2 BG "B7" A2 FD|"Em"E2 GE "D"F2 AF|"B7"B2 AF "Em"E4:|

One comment

Long Island

This is a tune Greg Wilson wrote when living on the Hawkesbury river in Australia. Long Island is an island in the mouth of the river just near Boston bridge in Brooklyn, New South Wales, Australia. The names are another story. We play the tune in the Canberra Contra Club band and I wanted to share it with everyone since it is such a good tune.

PS. Greg wrote this well before X-files aired. They must have got the idea for their theme from the A-part riff - (played slowly …)