Frost And Snow hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Frost And Snow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
ABcd eg~g2|dBGB (3ded cd|edcB AGED|EAAG A2:|
|:(3EFG|AGAB ~c3d|ef (3gfe a2ef|~g3e dcBd|cBAc BGED|
ABcd ef (3gfe|dBGB (3ded cd|edcA AGED|EAAG A2:|

Seven comments

Nice tune - fits into a Vivaldi like four seasons piece I’ve been working on. Is there any history on this piece? Age, Composer, tradition? Some of the trills seem to work out better as 16th to 8th triplets - at this early playing though.

Frost and Snow

Frost and Snow is from the revised O’Neill’s book, edited by Miles Krassen, I believe.

Frost and Snow


The ornament symbols refer to rolls not trills. The tune would seem to be Irish and is in a modal key.

Frost And Snow

I’m intrigued by finding this tune here - I found it in Krassen’s O’Neill’s years ago, on a needle-in-the-haystack good tune hunting quest in that book. Never heard it played, or for that matter persisted in playing it myself.


I’ve seen this tune with G#’s at various places in the tune. Adds a nice touch and makes it a little mysterious. For example, in the beginning of the 2nd part,
(E2|AG#AB… and at the end of each part, EAG#B A2 or EAAG# A2

Great tune!

Re: Frost And Snow

I’m currently learning this one for Christmas, it’s a nice tune, I had never heard of it, but saw a fiddler playing on Instagram and decided to search for it.