One For Danielle jig

By Colin Farrell

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Four settings

X: 1
T: One For Danielle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fdor
D2D F2G|C2C CB,C|D2D D2E|1 D2B, B,FE:|2 D2B, B,2G||
|:F2F F2D|FGB dz2|d3 d2e|d2B cBG|F2F F2D|
FGB dz2|1 d3 d2e|d2B B2G:|2 G2F GDF|CB,B, B,FE||
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X: 2
T: One For Danielle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
E2D|:C2C E2F|B,2B, B,A,B,|C2C CB,A,|B,CE F2E|
C2C E2F|B,2B, B,A,B,|C2C C2D|1 C2A, A,ED:|2 C2A, A,2F||
|:E2E E2C|EFA cz2|c3 c2d|c2A BAF|E2E E2C|
EFA cz2|1 c3 c2d|c2A A2F:|2 F2E FCE|B,A,A, A,ED||
X: 3
T: One For Danielle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
G2G B2c|F2F FEF|G2G G2A|1 G2E EBA:|2 G2E E2c||
|:B2B B2G|Bce gz2|g3 g2a|g2e fec|B2B B2G|
Bce gz2|1 g3 g2a|g2e e2c:|2 c2B cGB|FEE EBA||
X: 4
T: One For Danielle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
F2F A2B|E2E EDE|F2F F2G|1 F2D DAG:|2 F2D D2B||
|:A2A A2F|ABd fz2|f3 f2g|f2d edB|A2A A2F|
ABd fz2|1 f3 f2g|f2d d2B:|2 B2A BFA|EDD DAG||

Six comments

One For Danielle, X:2

Same as X:1 but one semitone down to make it E Dorian. I have transposed it with mandolintab and I see the notes are really low. Quite interesting, I wonder which key would be the more appropriate for a standard pub session.

Re: One For Danielle

Seeing that Colin’s paying it on a Bb whistle in the “D position” (as if you were playing in D on a D whistle) I’d say the tune is probably in Bb, not F dorian? Although Bb is not available as a key option here.

Transcribing it in “D” fits the range of the whistle perfectly.

T:One For Danielle
A2G |: F2F A2B | E2E EDE | F2F FED | EFA B2A |
F2F A2B | E2E EDE | F2F F2G |1 F2D DAG :|2 F2D D2B ||
|: A2A A2F | ABd fz2 | f3 f2g | f2d edB | A2A A2F |
ABd fz2 |1 f3 f2g | f2d d2B :|2 B2A BFA | EDD DAG ||

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Re: One For Danielle

Just to shed a little light on this tune, the confusion may arise on account that this doesn’t sound dorian in the slightest. It sounds very much major. B♭ major in the video posted by Eli in the first comment and G major on the recording On the Move, to be precise.

Colin plays in D position on a B♭ whistle in the video and, providing he’s playing in the same position on the recording, he has to be playing a G whistle. Alastair’s X:4 is correct if you want to stay faithful to Colin’s original position, but he posted his setting as A dorian. Should be D major. Since there are no C or C# on the transcription, reading either the ABCs or the dots in X:4 makes no difference, but be advised. This tune is to be played in D position, G whistle or otherwise.

Now, to make matters a bit more complicated, if you’re hellbent on staying true to the G major tonality in recording, you CAN play it on a regular D whistle or flute. The range allows it, except it has to be in G position, the rolls on D are complicated and aiming for a high C in bars 3 and 7 on the B section might be challenging.

Excuse the long rant. Perhaps a bit wordy, but I wanted to clear the confusion and at the same time not be dismissive of the work put into transcribing and transposing this beautiful tune. Thanks all!