Fem Får Og Fire Geder polka

Also known as Fem Får, Fire Geder, Five Sheep And Four Goats, Five Sheep, Four Goats.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Fem Får Og Fire Geder
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2 B2|BA AG|G/A/B/A/ G/A/B/c/|BA AG|dD EF|G2 [GG,]2:|]
|:d2 d2|dc cB|B/c/d/c/ B/c/d/e/|dc cB|BA/G/ A2|BA/G/ A2|B/c/d/e/ dc/B/|A3 G:|]
X: 2
T: Fem Får Og Fire Geder
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2 B2|BA AG|G/A/B/A/ G/A/B/c/|BA AG|d2 BA/B/|1 G2 G>A:|2 G2 G/A/B/c/||
|:d2 d2|dc cB|B/c/d/c/ B/c/d/e/|dc cB|
BA/G/ A2|Bc/B/ A2|B/A/B/c/ dc/B/|1 AA G/A/B/c/:|2 AA G>A||
X: 3
T: Fem Får Og Fire Geder
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|:A2 A2|AG GF|F/2G/2A/2G/2 F/2G/2A/2B/2|AG GF|cC DE|F2 F2:|
|:c2 c2|cB BA|A/2B/2c/2B/2 A/2B/2c/2d/2|cB BA|AG/2F/2 G2|AG/2F/2 G2|A/2B/2c/2d/2 cB/2A/2|G3 F:|
|:A2 A2|AG GF|F/2G/2A/2G/2 F/2G/2A/2B/2|AG GF|c2 AG/2A/2|1 F2 F>G:|2 F2 F/2G/2A/2B/2||
|:c2 c2|cB BA|A/2B/2c/2B/2 A/2B/2c/2d/2|cB BA|AG/2F/2 G2|
AB/2A/2 G2|A/2G/2A/2B/2 cB/2A/2|1 GG F/2G/2A/2B/2:|2 GG F>G||

Three comments

Fem Får Og Fire Geder (Five Sheep & Four Goats)

Fem Får og Fire Geder (Five Sheep & Four Goats)
Sometimes written as "Fem Får, Fire Geder/Five Sheep, Four Goats"

Not a polka, of course…..

This tune comes from a collection of fiddle tunes recorded in several notebooks (historically bound together, now kept in the Danish Royal Library) compiled (between 1763-1782) by the brothers Christian Frederik and Poul (or Povel) Danchel Bast born in 1743 and 1747 respectively in Horslunde on Lolland, Denmark. Their manuscript book is available as a scan online from http://img.kb.dk/ma/instr/bast.pdf

I managed to trace the original source of the tune (linked above) and have written up a downloadable/printable document about it. As well as my transcription there’s a facsimile image of the manuscript of the tune in the document, along with transpositions (F and D as well as the original G) of both the source version and the Danish String Quartet adaptation (melody) and source and background info and links. Help yourselves 🙂 : https://app.box.com/s/qinz4iuxbp9ltzqczm4j064zxkrlkad7

Here’s a selection of performances to be found on YouTube:

Fiolministeriet: Fem Får og Fire Geder (plus another untitled tune): https://youtu.be/04FNATVUuaA (in G)

Rannock: Fem får og fire geder/Den siste ged: https://youtu.be/sPDHX7Qy8fg (in G)

Virelai: Fem får, fire geder: https://youtu.be/86BNo8axSZs & https://youtu.be/RCTZQiBaaOs (played on Bb whistle in a D major fingering, so sounding in Bb)

Steffen Gabriel: Five Sheep, Four Goats: https://youtu.be/1eKKxExTa1M (in F)

The tune has been made rather well known in an arrangement by the Danish String Quartet (classical) in a slight variant version in F major (which I’ll add as X:2). There are many videos of them performing it on YouTube, e.g. https://youtu.be/8LXcxPC9jCI

X:3 Fem Får Og Fire Geder in F

The Danish String Quartet variant (melody line only) as they play and have popularised it, in F major - and I’ve put an F transposition of the original melody in front of it.