Gort Na Mona slip jig

By Michael Rooney

Also known as Gortnamona, Tigh Raifertaigh.

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Composed by Michael Rooney. I heard it first on the album “Time on our Hands” by Siobhan Peoples & Murty Ryan. On the liner notes the title is spelled as one word but typos have occurred on liner notes before so I don’t know which way is correct.


Does anyone know what Gort Na Mona or Gortnamona means?


It’s the “field of turf”, field bring a fairly loose translation. Maybe the Bank of Turf is more appropriate.

Gort na Móna

This tune is played in the key of C on Michael Rooney and June McCormack’s (Draiocht’s) album. This tune was composed by Michael in 2001 as part of a Millennium Suite Michael was comissioned to compose by Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann. I think Michael said that Gort na Mona is the name of his family’s property in Co. Monaghan (in Ireland)

Gort na Móna

The posted abc version is different to that that Michael and June play both live and on their cd - which you should buy cos they are excellent! ;) - They play it as such:

T:Gort na Mona
R:Slip Jig
G|:C2E EDC DEG|c2e edc deg|f2e dcd ecG|1~A3 AGE D2G:|2AcA AGE DEF||
GAc cde ~d3|e2g gae gec|~d3 dcd ecG|AcA AGE DEG|
GAc cde ~d3|e2g gae gec|f2e dcd ecG|A2A AGE D2G:||

Agree Jack although the one shown is played with Gort na Mona under the title Tigh Rafeartaigh. These are nice session tunes in between the jigs and the reels although the consensus with our group is to play the first one in the key of “D” to suit flutes and whistles.


Is this the same tune as Percy French’s Gorthamona?I cannot make it fit the words .If not does anyone Know tune for P.F’s Gorthamona?

Re: Gort Na Mona

Good tune for the aging brain…lol….zippy tune…different feel, sound…nice !

So there are two tunes…

Just trying to clear up the picture, according to previous comments here and elsewhere:
Tigh Rafartaigh - is X:2 above and entered separately as https://thesession.org/tunes/2143
Gort Na Mona - is X:1 and X:3 above.