Three recordings of
Gort Na Mona
Tír Rafartaigh

Gort Na Mona (slip jig) is also known as Gortnamona, Tigh Raifertaigh.

Tír Rafartaigh (slip jig) is also known as Rafferty’s House, Tí Rafferty, Tig Rabhartaigh, Tig Rafferty, Tigh Na Rabhartaigh, Tigh Rafairtaigh, Tigh Rafartaigh, Tigh Rafferty, Tigh Raifeartaigh, Tigh Raifeirtaigh, Tir Rabhartaigh, Tir Rafartaigh.

Draiocht by Michael Rooney And June McCormack

  1. Gort Na Mona
  2. Tir Rafartaigh

Fiddle And Flute: Irish Traditional Music by Natalie Padilla, Blayne Chastain And Peter Romero

  1. Gort Na Móna
  2. Tír Rafartaigh

Traditional Music On Fiddle, Banjo, And Harp by Oisin MacDiarmada, Brian Fitzgerald, And Michael O Ruanaigh

  1. Tigh Rabhartaigh
  2. Gort Na Mona