Two recordings of
Gort Na Mona
The Humours Of Ballymanus

Gort Na Mona (slip jig) is also known as Gortnamona, Tigh Raifertaigh.

The Humours Of Ballymanus (slip jig) is also known as The Humours Of Ballymanny, Jegg Pultague, Jig Polltóg, Jig Poltague, Jig Polthogue, Jig Pultague, Jigg Poltague, The Newton Lasses, Pilib McCue, Polthogue, Pultague, Pultague’s, Sugra Baile-Meadonac, Teague’s Ramble, Teague’s Rambles, Teagues Ramble, The Humors Of Ballymanus.

The Empty Chair by Spirits Of The House

  1. Humours Of Ballymanus
  2. Gort Na Mona

Time On Our Hands by Siobhán Peoples And Murty Ryan

  1. The Humours Of Ballymanus
  2. Gortnamona