One recording of a tune named
Miss Langford’s
With a tune named
The Queen Of May

Miss Langford’s (reel) is also known as The Carracastle Lass, The Carracastle, The Carrickcastle Lass, The Lass Of Carracastle, Miss Landford’s, Miss Langford’s, Miss Langton’s, Miss Longford, Morrison’s, O’Brien’s Favourite.

The Queen Of May (reel) is also known as Kitty Losty’s, The Ladies Taproom, P. J. Crotty’s, P.J. Crotty’s, The Queen Of The May, The Tap Room.

The Tap Room Trio by Harry Bradley, Jessie Smith, John Blake

  1. Maude Miller
  2. The Queen Of May
  3. The Carracastle