Four recordings of
The Lass Of Carracastle
The Tailor’s Thimble

The Lass Of Carracastle (reel) is also known as The Carracastle Lass, The Carrickcastle Lass, John Eddie’s, Lady Mary Montague, The Lass Of Carracastle, Miss Landford’s, Miss Langford, Miss Langford’s, Miss Langfort, Miss Langton’s, Miss Longford, Morrison’s, O’Brien’s Favourite.

Fierce Traditional by Frankie Gavin

  1. Miss Langford’s
  2. The Tailor’s Thimble

Suas Leat by Swallow's Tail Céilí Band

  1. George White’s
  2. Carracastle Lass
  3. The Tailor’s Thimble

The Star-Spangled Molly by De Danann

  1. Morrison’s
  2. The Tailor’s Thimble
  3. Wellington’s

Tippin' Away by Damien Connolly And Pete Mancuso

  1. Miss Langford’s
  2. The Tailor’s Thimble