The Ringing Harp slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ringing Harp
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
[1gfe dBA BGD:|2 gfe dBA Bcd||
e2a eaf ged|eaa bag edB|
[1e2a eaf ged|c2A BGG Bcd:|
[2eaa egg e2f|gfe dBA BGD||

Six comments

The Ringing Harp

I composed this tune after several hours at the harp. This tune seemed to grow out of the reverberations still in my head after all of that playing! Please feel free to give me any feedback and comments you might have on the tune. Thanks!

Outstanding Tune!

I’ve transcribed this for Mandolin / Mandola (CGDa) and it is both memorable and very playable. An absolute delight! A friend is a very competent Viola player and I can’t wait to try a duet in the low register.

Thanks for the on going, memorable melody.

Great Tune

Thanks for a great slip jig which takes its place very nicely with the existing accepted standards - there aren’t too many of them around!

Thanks to you both for your kind words! I love writing tunes, and slip jigs are my absolute favorite to write. There will be more in the future! 🙂

Nice slip jig.

I just tried your slip jig melody on the harp and am definitely intrigued. Do you have the left hand part worked out yet? Use standard slip jig speed or..? Who shall we say composed it…just "violynnsey"?

I like to keep the left hand simple when I play this on the harp. Mostly keep to the open A and E sounds and while playing the G Major chord, it is nice sometimes to keep the A in the bass to give it that "drone" sound. I subscribe to the Grainne Hambly school of left hand accompaniment on the harp: not too much to interfere with the tune melody, but enough to enhance the contour of the melodic line.

For this tune, I find it sounds nice played at a slower slip jig tempo - i.e. a tempo any harper would most likely use to play a tune rather than a rip-roaring fiddle speed (which I am sometimes guilty of).

As to who composed this tune, you may say that Lynnsey Smith is the responsible party…

Thanks for all of the feedback!