One recording of a tune named
The Orange And Blue
With a tune named
S’iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi

The Orange And Blue (strathspey) is also known as Brochan Lom, Katy Jones’, Kitty Jones, Kitty Jones’, Kitty Jones’s, The Orange & Blue Highland, The Orange And Blue Highland Fling.

S’iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi (reel) is also known as ’S Ioma Rud A Chunna Mi, ’S Iomaidh Rud A’Chunna Mi, Cenneag Mhor, Many Things Have I Seen, Many’s The Thing I Saw, S’iomadh Rud A Chunna Mi, S’iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi Highland Fling, S’Ionadh Riud A Chunnaic Mi, ‘Siomadh Rud A Chunna Mi.

Atlantic Roar by Skipinnish

  1. Brochan Lom
  2. Innis Dhomhsa Ca’il Thu Cadal
  3. S’iomadh Rud A Chunna Mi