One recording of
Babes In The Wood

O’Connor’s (polka) is also known as The Hayden Fancy, Hayden’s Fancy, Johnnie Box, Johnny Box, Lena’s, Mary Ann, Mary Ann’s, O’Connor’s.

Babes In The Wood (polka) is also known as Babe In The Wood, The Babes In The Wood, Babes In The Woods, Captain Maguire, Captin Maguire, Dan O’Leary’s #2, Dan O’Leary’s No. 2, The Humours Of Listowel, I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue, Liberton Pipe Band, Tom Doherty’s.

Beginish by Beginish

  1. Johnny Box
  2. The Cuas
  3. Pádraig O’Keeffe’s (Polka)
  4. Babes In The Woods