One recording of a tune named
The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
With a tune named
Captain O’Kane

The Humours Of Ballyloughlin (jig) is also known as The Humors Of Ballyloughlan, The Humors Of Ballyloughlin, The Humors Of Derryloughan, The Humours Of Ballyloughlan, The Humours Of Derryloughan, The Hurler’s March, Mairseal Na HIomanaithe, Máirseál Na NIománaithe.

Captain O’Kane (jig) is also known as Banks Of The Danube, The Banks Of The Danube, Cailin Tighe Moir, Captain Henry O’Kain, Captain O’Kain, Captain O’Kane’s, Captain Oakhain, The Chevalier’s Lament, The Dying Hussar’s Lament, The Dying Hussar, The Dying Huzzar, Fwyn Seren Fain Syw, Giolla An Bimhoir, Lament For A Dying Hussar, Lament For A Wounded Hussar, Lament For Captain Henry O’Kane, The Wounded Hussar’s Lament, The Wounded Hussar, The Wounded Huzzar, The Wounded.

Barefoot On The Altar by Chulrua

  1. The Wounded Hussar
  2. Slieve Russell
  3. The Humours Of Ballyloughlin